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Kadhalar Dhinam Movie Download Torrent abbrcer




The film stars Murali, who also plays the lead role, while Vadivelu, Kalabhavan Mani, Anandaraj, Nassar and Manorama play supporting roles. The soundtrack and background score were composed by Deva. The film was also dubbed in Telugu and Malayalam as Kadhal Varam. The film was a box office success, grossing over worldwide. The film is ranked 52nd among the 50 greatest Indian films of All Time, based on a survey in South India in 2007 by the Times of India. Plot Sakthi (Murali) is a rich NRI businessman. He is a debonair playboy with all the money in the world, with no apparent goals in life. When his father dies, Sakthi is left alone with a huge wealth. Sakthi falls in love with Sneha (Manorama) a young model who comes to modelling in order to earn a lot of money. Sakthi employs her and she is a successful model, but she is not happy with her life as she only wants to be with Sakthi. However, Sakthi does not notice her. Once her contract ends, Sneha goes back to her hometown. Sakthi's company has many employees and clients, including the producer Alli (Vadivelu). Sakthi employs Alli as a music teacher in his company. Alli earns a lot of money as a music teacher and is very happy with his life. Sneha comes back to Sakthi's company and Sakthi falls in love with her. He offers her a job in his company, but she refuses it. When Sakthi learns that his father's hospital is in trouble, he pays for the hospital to be built. He goes to the hospital, and he learns that he is the father of an abandoned child, but he cannot find the mother. Later, Sakthi starts finding a resemblance between Sneha and the girl he saw at the hospital. He suspects Sneha may be the daughter of the patient he saw at the hospital. Sakthi's company has a major contract in Germany. It is worth $2 billion. Sakthi says he wants to have fun and does not want to do anything else. His company is failing. Alli gets a job as an interior designer in Sakthi's company. Sakthi takes up a new hobby and joins the



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Kadhalar Dhinam Movie Download Torrent abbrcer

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